Making Memories


It's funny how little things can conjure up childhood memories.

That photo of your four year old self looking angelic in your Sunday best clothes, reminds you of the swishing sound your dress made as you twirled and twirled 'till you were so dizzy that the ice cream you just ate found it's way back into the world!

Or how the smell of baking reminds you of Granny's kitchen and the time you got flour all down the front of your lovely new top when you “helped”.

Or how the particular smell of a bookshop brings you right back to the excitement of the first day of a new school year with your schoolbag full of fresh new books and pencils. How you and all your friends' uniforms looked and felt new and perfect.

 Who will forget 2020? Lots of us might like to erase this anxious year altogether.

But there are many good things that happened this year too.

Remember the many innovative and funny St Patrick's Day Parades of toy trucks and tractors on social media videos that cheered us up in March?

How the garden never looked better in the sun and birdsong last May?

How you joined in with the banana bread craze and learned the hard way that growing veg is not that easy!

How the kids got so much wear from their summer clothes and grew two sizes in school uniforms instead of one.

How gorgeous the kids looked in their Confirmation and Holy Communion clothes, when they finally got to wear them!

And now Christmas is fast approaching. It  may be a different sort of Christmas.

So let's make the best of it. Let's do all our own traditional things.

Let's watch the Toy Show together. Let's enjoy the anticipation of picking out a Christmas outfit on and watching for the postman to arrive. Lets enjoy wrapping up in winter coats and hats and getting outside on a crisp day. Let's appreciate the gifts picked out for us by family. Let's enjoy picking out an outfit for baby's first Christmas. Let's have fun taking family photos of us all looking great in our Christmas clothes and sharing them.

Let's put a smile on those little faces.

Let's make the best memories for everyone to look back on.